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1. How do I get more information on A.R.C.?

Simply E-Mail your request to We will respond by E-Mail with information. Please include your USPS mailing address so we can send you a copy by 1st class mail.

2. Can I send in classified ads by E-Mail?

Yes. The deadline for receipt is noon, Eastern Time, on the tenth of each month. However, remember that we require a USPS address in all of our ads. As does a newsgroup, we require that items be relevant, that is related to old radios. (A more detailed statement is printed in ARC.)

3. A.R.C. doesn't have to retype ads received by E-Mail, do you?

If you type your ad in the style we use, you will save us the need to retype it. Each ad is a single paragraph. The preferred style is: FOR SALE:, WANTED:, etc (in all caps), followed by a sentence for each item as follows: Manufacturer name, item model name or number, comma, description, comma, condition, dash, price, period. Use both upper and lower case, capitalizing only the manufacturer's name and model name. Following all items, include required name and address, followed by an optional telephone, E-Mail address, etc. (Note we use "(" and ")" around telephone area code and vg, g, f, p for condition.)


FOR SALE: Atwater Kent Model 10, with tubes, vg - $1,000. Philco Model 90 cathedral, missing speaker, f - $210. John Doe, 1234 Timber St., Turner, MA 01010. (978) 555-5555. E-Mail:

4. Since A.R.C. has always been "pre-pay," how do I pay for my ad?

Of course, the first 20 words of classified ads are free to subscribers; include your Sub# to get this credit. As for longer ads, we are using the same procedure that we use for fax: With your E-Mail, state the cost of your ad and either include a Visa or MasterCard number & expiration date, or state "I am mailing a check to you for $nn.nn today." (How to count words and classified rates are printed in the magazine.)

5. Can I place subscription & book orders by E-Mail?

Yes. Since we do not bill, you must include a Visa or MasterCard number & expiration in your E-Mail. If the items are in stock (and most are), we will ship, at the latest, on the following business day.

6. How can I contact A.R.C.?

Please contact us at the postal or electronic addresses at the bottom of this page.

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